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August 10, 2009 by Rieshy
[This is actually an older post. I found it this morning while looking for something else. We've worked out, for the most part, how to manage illnesses that cause my son's metabolism to crash yet still be able to stay at home. Thank You God. I was stunned when I realized it's been 9 whole months without a hospitalization! I can't think of a much better reason to feel that Gratituesday feeling.]

Jack hasn't been in the hospital since April 30th! I finally feel like we have him under better control. I realize that Jack could have picked up a nasty stomach bug at the grocery store this very morning that will send us to the hospital tomorrow but I refuse to live in fear of things I can't control. I refuse to fear celebrating a positive landmark. So here goes- Yahoooo!

We have some good memories of the hospital. I remember a friend who packed a roll of quarters for the vending machines. Those quarters made me smile more that a vase of flowers would have. A friend that brought homemade fruitcake. (Yes, my husband and I count amount the 37 people in the U.S. who actually like, nay love, fruitcake.) I can think of friends that came by with funny stories late at night and made me laugh and friends that came by for short visits and left without offering any platitudes.

During one of Jack's hospitalizations the hospital had a bear clinic where they handed out free bears in hospital gowns and let the kids "operate" on the bears. Jack's bear, poor thing, got a LOT of injections. Strange to say, that was fun.

For our last hospital stay my 13 year old, Sarah, camped out with me and Jack. It was a wonderful help to me. Sarah wants to be a nurse so it was fascinating to her- sounds weird to say that she had a blast, but she did.

She and Jack put a lot of miles on this car:

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Julie @ jbulie's blog said...

Way to go Sarah. Where's the thanks that she deserves. What a great sister.

Amy Lynne said...

How wonderful! I hope you have many more months hospital free!

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