Children's Logic 101

August 30, 2009 by Rieshy
Hypothetical Syllogism as used by Luke (at age 5):  "If magic isn't real and Santa's sleigh flies by magic, then Santa isn't real."

Deductive Argument as used by Grace (at age 3):  "I don't know why Sarah is crying- I didn't hit her that hard."

Part to Whole Reasoning as used by Sarah (at age 5) after discovering that I was the tooth fairy:  "Mom, Olivia Sholey lost a tooth today, MOM, did you hear me?  Olivia Sholey lost a tooth today, don't forget to go to her house tonight."

Argumentum ad baculum as used by Rebekah (at age 4 1/2):  While attempting to force her will upon her older brother she shook her tiny fists and threatened him with this misquoted movie line, "Oh yeah, do you want a piece of meat!"

Inductive Reasoning as used by Benjamin (at age 4):  At the funeral of a pet rabbit Benjamin noted, "If our rabbit dies on it's own we don't eat it, but if we kill it while it is still alive then we can eat it." *

Truism as stated by Jack (at age 3):  "If your tummy hurts...  you should go to the bathroom."

Repetition as a Rhetorical Strategy as used by Samuel (at age 2): "No  No  No."

*Our family may live in TN, but to date we have eaten neither roadkill nor family pets.

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Melanie said...

This is amazing! Sam and I laughed our way through it. He is very impressed Luke's reasoning at 5.

Betsy said...

Very funny!

amy said...


Sara Gambrell said...

susan - re: "*Our family may live in TN, but to date we have eaten neither roadkill nor family pets." -- i feel the same way, living in kentucky. :) love your blog. thanks!

Mindi said...

Oh my goodness Susan-that made me laugh out loud. So cute! Thanks so much for joining in on my carnival! :) PS Glad to hear you don't get roadkill haha!

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