It's Snot About Time

August 23, 2009 by Rieshy
Snot- n. 1. superior attitude  v. 1. to speak in a condescending tone in a way that minimizes the idea or personhood of another.

Last March during an illness and under doctor's supervision we kept Jack out of the hospital only by feeding him liquid carbs with protein every hour for almost 4 days.  A diabetic would pass out by merely reading Jack's feeding log.  It was grueling and scary but worth it.   On top of managing Jack's illness I was teaching Samuel to drink from a cup, trying to prepare our business taxes and attempting to keep up with everyone's schooling.   

After Jack began improving my husband sent me to Starbucks to be alone with caffeine and some knitting.  I had started to mellow with the smells of coffee, the feel of good wool working across my hands and the sounds of people talking in the background when I was interrupted by a fashionable woman who asked what I was doing.  I showed her the sock I was knitting.  After a blank stare and obligatory compliment came the snot, "I wish I could knit but I just don't have the free time."   She'll never know how lucky she was that I was knitting in a small gauge.  Only fear of dropped stitches kept me from lunging at her and giving her sleek head a nuggie.

Recently I was chatting with an acquaintance and she mentioned a hobby of hers.  Unbelievably, I heard myself snotting identical words as the Starbuck's lady.  I'm sure that I'm lucky my friend didn't hit me.   What I'd meant was, "In a vague sort of way I'd love to be able to learn your hobby but I am not sufficiently interested or motivated to follow through with the hard work and planning it would require."  

Honest, but hardly more complimentary.  Truth is, I find time for the things I'm really interested in as does everyone else.  The next time I'm being shown someone's hobby I will keep it simple and say, "Wow" or, "that's interesting", because it's snot about time.
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