Flu, and Driving Permits

August 26, 2009 by Rieshy
Grace has a driver's permit fresh off the press.  We had to work out a deal; if she would trust me enough to obey instantly when I gave driving instructions, I would not shout at her or stomp imaginary brakes.  I also had to learn to relax enough not to knock the car into neutral while grabbing the steering wheel when I merely thought she was going to try to make a right turn at too high a speed.  My bad.

 At a Bible study last week faith was defined as, "action based upon belief, and sustained by confidence."   

As far as flu shots go,  I'm an agnostic.  However since Jack and Sam are almost guaranteed a "do not pass go, do not collect $200" on their way to the hospital if they get the flu, I found myself at the pediatrician with 7 kids getting shots today.  Can you see the excitement?  

Many of the patients and nurses were wearing face masks.  Rather unsettling.  Several doctors were out sick with... the flu, which added to the general craziness.  I just hope we didn't catch anything today.  To think of Jack or Sam with the flu is panic inducing.  Flu season is already going strong here.  It's going to be a looong Fall.

I think God has mistaken me for someone more resilient, someone who doesn't have issues with worrying. Someone to whom, "eat, drink, and be merry," is second nature.  In the driving analogy I think I'm both Grace needing to learn to trust and obey, and me needing to learn to trust and let go.  It's a real bummer to need to learn two things at once.  Isn't there just a CLEP test for faith?  

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Betsy said...

I love that definition of faith.

I can't even begin to think about teaching one of my children to drive. Thankfully I have a few more years to mentally prepare myself.

The flu is going around my husband's work place and we are praying that we don't get it. My children were vaccine injured so I have not done any vaccines in more than 7 years. We have been blessed with mostly healthy winters (the homeschooling helps with that) and I am going to believe that this year will be the same way.


Rieshy said...

Vaccine injured sounds like a story. A long one at that. I noticed you mention autism in your profile, related to vaccines?

Interestingly our pediatrician had Jack flagged for autism until he started on the carnitine and ribo and MCT oil. All his "symptoms" evaporated after starting the Metabolic treatment.

Betsy said...

Both of my children are 'back' from autism too. They started getting better after we started the GFCF diet and improved even more after we added carnitine. I have been wondering if we should try MCT oil. I think there are probably many children with autism who have these underlying metabolic issues.

Our geneticist was the first doctor to agree that there was a very adverse vaccine reaction. He told us to avoid certain vaccines, but would love to see us get other shots.

I just spoke with him again this morning. Unfortunately the latest test results only produced more questions when I was praying for answers.

Does your son have a firm diagnosis, or are you still in the diagnostic stage?

Rieshy said...

I'm so sorry you didn't get answers. I find that very difficult to deal with myself.
The only definite diagnosis we have is carnitine deficiency of unknow etiology. An early acyl-carnitine profile indicated LCHAD, which made sense with my history of H.E.L.L.P. syndrome- fibroblast didn't confirm that. One geneticist thinks he has an as of yet unnamed disorder, yeah us.... He cheerfully mentioned knowing in 3-5 years. Of course Jack's main geneticist didn't agree and thought that best case- we would never know but that perhaps Jack would outgrow most of his issues around adolescense once hormones and a larger body mass kicked in.
Another Vanderbilt doc told us that the reason they are very hesistant to put any label, such as mito or FOD or whatever, on a child is because it tends to keep other doctors from thinking. The label may not be what is causing the acute problem of the moment. If there is no convenient label all the docs will be thinking hard and creatively to come up with options. Does that make sense?
Hang in there- but talk about MCT with your son's doctors, it has made a massive difference in Jack's day to day life, massive.

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