Say What? No, Don't.

September 22, 2009 by Rieshy
We have a large family by most standards.  O.K., by any standards other than the Duggars.  However, an increasing problem has been caused, not by family size, but by the age range.  For instance, just how do we choose a family movie that will please our 18 year old and our 2 year old?  "The Muppets Take Manhattan... with Machine Guns?"  Or, at mealtime, how do we discuss worldviews at one end of the table while scatalogical humor reigns at the other end?

In recent attempts to spend quality time in an age appropriate manner we've split the children into groups for occasional special outings; the Big Kids, the Middles, and the Littles. Rebekah, the 10 year old, resents being a "Middles" - but excepting doing away with someone - she's pretty much stuck.

Sunday, Greg and I spent the afternoon taking the Middles out to lunch.  The trip was made longer by way of getting lost trying to find the entrance to the Natchez Trace Parkway.  While messing with the map and talking to Greg,  the mom part of my brain, in it's ever-monitoring glory, overheard a conversation between the Middles that was rather alarming; "Ben, don't stick your head out the car window or it might get stuck again." 

Say what?  Where was I when that happened?  Never mind, I don't need to know everything.
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