Sneakers, Swords, and Taillights

September 9, 2009 by Rieshy

Fall is shoe buying time.  With 7 kids obviously we try to squeak by with the cheapest footwear we can.  When I happen along on a sneaker sale it's a happy day.

All my newly shod boys are fast now.  They'll tell you that repeatedly, if you can catch up with them.  The 7 year old wanted a non-sale sneaker, until my husband remarked that if he got the same kind as his brothers they would look like a kind of team, or even a group of super heros.  Spin-it Baby-Parenting at it's best.

We have a family friend who is a sword maker.  Yes, I said swords.  Noble Armory has a faithful following of Tipton children who are always willing to try out the new models.  The normality of it for our children has led to some unusual angst.  Ben, when he was 4, announced that when he grew up he was going to stay at home and "make" his wife go to work.  When I asked why, with tears of anxiety sparkling in his eyes he said, "Because I don't know how to go on airplanes (his own Dad travels a lot for work), and I don't know how to make swords."

Fast forward to yesterday.  The three youngest boys in their new sneakers battling with neighbors.  Evidently the level of testosterone in the body is directly linked to the newness of footwear.  An epic sword battle in the driveway led to the death of my van's left taillight cover.  Mayhaps it was a burning one-eyed dragon? 

Cost of sale sneakers + cost of new tail light cover is still cheaper than cost of regular priced sneakers.  If you figure in the amount of energy expended outside (and by definition Not inside), the character developed upon coming inside to confess the injury of said van, the level of hand eye coordination developed with the self correcting feed-back of physical reality... I'm way into black ink.

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