Silly Similes, S'Aliteration

September 18, 2009 by Rieshy

Gray days, for days on end, get me down, make me cranky.  Time to look at silly, sunlit, Summer photos.  Tennessee Teen Takes Toddler from Tuba would be a great headline.
My 15 yo daughter (who, minus the toddler, plays above-pictured Tuba) was given a writing assignment to compose a poem using similes, but instructed to strictly avoid cliches. She too gets cranky and contrary on gray days.  She just couldn't resist.  If you make your teacher smile does that off-set doing an assignment exactly wrong?

A Poem of Cursed Similes 

The blue of the sky,
was as blue of the sea.
The clouds were as ships sails, 
waving o'er to me.

The green of the grass,
was as green as sea-weed,
Those greeny masses
that came and then flee'd. 

The brown of the tree-trunks,
was as brown as the mast,
from which a sailor,
was crying, "Avast!"

The red of the flower,
was as red as the face
Of the red coated Marine
yelling, "About face!"

The black of the cannon ball 
was as black as the earth.
To which they would go,
not long after their birth.

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