September 28, 2009 by Rieshy

Some Mondays seem maliciously and anthropomorphically bent on proving what a small person I am.  Today was such a Monday.  True suffering, and momentous calamities, are different from mere aggravations, yet there is something peculiarly difficult about quantity of small troubles regardless of their quality.

Aggravations on top of aggravations can lead one to entertain thoughts representing smallness of mind:

 1. Recalcitrant math student? One might be tempted to respond, "Fine, double-digit addition with carrying is stupid, don't learn it!"   

 2. 8 yo with flu symptoms?  One might picture a backyard quarantine-yurt.

 3. More month than money?  One might idly wonder how much is in the 3 yo's piggy bank.

Monday, in anthropomorphic glory, saved it's coup de grace for the afternoon mail.  A letter bomb arrived- well, actually a post card from a dear friend.  The picture was of a beautiful vacation spot on the Adriatic.  As soon as I saw the picture I was there, sitting at a cafe in loose white clothing while a waiter poured my drink.  Greg inexplicably had a dark moustache.  I could feel the heat of the sun on my skin, hear the water and sounds of the children playing  at a distance while their nanny carefully looked after them.  

Zap. Then I remembered I was in my dining room setting out bowls of cauliflower soup (yuck, but the kids like it) on a tablecloth that hadn't been properly cleared since breakfast.


I love the sender of the post card.  She is one of my oldest friends, and the most beautiful of people.  I'm so happy that she's on vacation as a celebration of finishing her Master's thesis.  However, my first reaction was of utter jealousy instead of joy for my friend.  That's the definition of smallness.  

Smallness, meet me.  Me, meet Smallness.

Did God know today would knock me flat?  Is that why during my morning shower the hymn, "Be Still and Know That I am God," kept coming to my mind?  God, the antithesis of smallness.

I'm glad tomorrow is Tuesday...

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lesliel said...

He gives us our daily bread, does he not?

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