September 2, 2009 by Rieshy

I threw out my back this morning.  I wasn't doing anything remotely interesting or heroic, merely reaching down to pick up an afghan that had slithered off a bed.   I was under the impression that Samuel spent the entire morning crying, "Momma In!" outside my bedroom door while I was "resting" my back.  Evidently between plaintive cries he found time to pile up chairs along with toys and pillows.  Ethan Allen brand Lincoln Logs.  I don't know why, neither does he. Though, by the look on his face, he clearly knew that all his hard work was not going to have a net positive effect.

He's a very busy person.  Lately we've had issues with folded dirty laundry being discovered in dressers drawers.  Big family mystery.  Yesterday Samuel was in the mood to clean so I quietly observed while he collected some laundry from the bathroom hamper, took it to the laundry room and set it on the floor.  He then collected different dirty laundry into a basket, took it to the living room where there was clean laundry set out for folding.  He dumped the dirty laundry on top of the unfolded clean laundry and returned the empty basket to the laundry room.  Seconds later an older child came to the living room and began to fold the pile without noticing that the laundry pile had grown in their absence.  In fact without noticing that the pile had grown with smelly, damp, and dirty laundry.  Mystery solved.

It made me think of how I can be a busy person without any net positive effect.  Proverbial wheel spinning, running in circles, carrying coals to Newcastle...  I don't doubt that some of my "hard work" is equally as ridiculous as Samuel's in God's sight.  It makes me doubly thankful that my God is the Creator,  the Poppa and Momma of us all.  Overwhelmed and thankful that my God loves me enough to say, "As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you..."  Isaiah 66:13

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