Toy Storage

September 26, 2009 by Rieshy
I woke this morning with the energy of several women. Too rainy for yard work, so I decided to tackle some deep house cleaning.

I have a million reasons for why I don't vacuum under the sofa with great frequency. For starters the sofa weighs approximately 777 pounds and only has 2 inches of clearance. It's not like much can get under it, right?

Cleaning under the sofa was sort of like a twisted Christmas. First there was surprise, and laughter, and the call to, "Come take a Photo!" Then there were the comments like, "Oh, look, it's a whisk, I love this kind." Or squeals of, "A knight toy, I want to play with that!"

I'm pretty sure that if I pull the stove and fridge out, Halloween would be the holiday that would come to mind.
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Betsy said...

That is how mine usually looks. Also cleaning under the cushions every few weeks always turns up missing Legos.

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