Friday Night Leftovers

January 15, 2010 by Rieshy
Do you know what your children are doing?- My teen age son and his younger brother had an interesting afternoon shooting and animating this clip. After my three year old watched the clip his comment was, "Can I play with that too?"

Easily entertained: I got a new coffee pot for christmas. The on switch is an old-fashioned shiny metal toggle switch. Yes, toggle switch. We keep making coffee just to get to switch the toggle on. Good thing it makes great coffee. Good thing my husband has had to work all night several nights this week anyway.

The main difference I have noticed between boy toddlers and girl toddlers is that my girls always said, "Play with me," and my boys always say, "Watch this". That and the fact that everything boy toddlers play requires spitty sounding sound effects.

I love Friday Night Leftovers. Poke around see if there is anything else interesting out there.
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Anonymous said...

I love the observation about the difference between girl toddlers and boy toddlers - it is so true! That, and playing with my daughter usually involved us sitting together and playing, while with my son, it involves running/wrestling/jumping/etc.

Danifred said...

Thanks so much for playing along!

I don't have any boys, but I can definitely tell you that I hear "play with me" about a million times a day. Maybe we need a boy who will entertain her with some "watch this" action!

Rieshy said...

I'll never forget how angry my oldest used to get when he and his sister were about 5 and 3 yo. She would play anything he told her to- but would often infuriate him by accident when she would make the army figures "chat" after they were all set up in battle formations.

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