Frogging, Rip-it, Rip-it

January 1, 2010 by Rieshy
Frogging: the process of unraveling or ripping out a knitting project.

A few years ago I realized that I wasted a lot of time feeling weighed down by various unfinished knitting projects.  I freed all yarn from any project I no longer wanted. It didn't matter how close to finished.  I was ruthless, Mistress of my yarn.

Of course yarn is tricky, it conspired against me.   My spinning guild gave me a gorgeous sheland/angora blend as a baby shower gift.  I spent months spinning it to a perfect lace-weight.  I spent untold hours designing a lace sweater with a complex hand-drawn chart and top down pattern.  I sat by my son's hospital bed knitting swatches during two different crisis.

Can you sense the sentimental background/amunition this yarn began to amass against me?  My life changed with the advent of a son's illness.  I no longer had the same amount of time, or quality of sleep; yet this project  mocked me, depressed me, told me I had failed.  Somehow I lost sight of the fact that knitting is a hobby, i.e. something I do because I enjoy it.

So last night I enlisted a callous hit team of two daughters to frog with me.  Our training mission- an entrelac blanket of lesser emotional baggage.

Languid pose aside...

Look at that grim determination- or possibly boredom.

Today, the first day of the New Year, I will send my hit team, my frog team, after the lace sweater.  Freedom will ring for the shetland/angora handspun yarn.

This year my finished projects may be fewer and simpler, but I will frog back to enjoyment to be Mistress of my yarn once again.
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Melanie said...

I am crocheting as a hobby instead of task. I am crocheting a shawl for myself because I get cold in the evenings. I am using yarn that I've had forever, and I am not worrying about when the project will be finished. I am crocheting for the process and because it is fun to create something. BTW, have you seen the Selfish Seamstress blog?( Pretty funny stuff.

Rieshy said...

No I haven't seen that blog- I'll check it out.

Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

So funny and true!!! I have this same problem - only with scrapbooking!!! At this point when I take pictures I feel stressed about them - I try to not take too many because the more I take the further behind I am!!!! I LOVED scrapbooking in the beginning but now it has become stressful to be behind. But I am learning to accept that I will have to take babysteps and be okay with that for now - all the pictures will eventualy get done and if they don't - I'll slip them into a normal album!

Happy Knitting!

Rieshy said...

I get stressed just thinking about scrapbooking:)

I have years and years of photos from pre-digital days in shoe boxes. I just feel good that a good majority of them are labeled. Someday I plan to split them up and give them to my children. They can enjoy scrapbooking them, or put them in the back of their closets.

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