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January 31, 2010 by Rieshy

Last Friday I posted a memory I had about being with my mother in Italy when I was 14. I looked and looked through my parent's photo albums to find a picture of my mother and me to include. I discovered that there are hardly any pictures at all of my mom during my teen years.

It made me look through my photo albums. I have teens, more specifically; I have teen girls. Someday they might want to remember what I looked like. I wondered what I would find. Nope, hardly anything.

I know why. I'm always fussing at my husband or children not to include me in whatever photos they are taking. Usually because I don't have makeup on- or my hair's a mess, or I'm in raggedy yoga pants.

Hmmmm. Either I am terribly vain or I am a habitual slob. Even worse, perhaps I am terribly vain and a habitual slob...

My mother died when she was 54. I don't have any more chances to get her photo. But I do have time to let my photo be taken- no matter how I look.

Anyone need to join me in a new photo-philosophy? If so, throw away raggedy yoga pants and smile for your personal paparazzi.

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Anonymous said...

OH Susan that is so true!!!! Once Sarah was born I had my husband start taking the pictures, regardless. I realized that I was always the one taking the pics and there was nothing of me!

What if I died?! How horrible. I want the girls to remember the fun we had.

Betsy said...

I recently thought about this too. I have very few pictures of my mother and think it is shame.

While looking through photos, I realized that almost all of the pictures are my husband with the boys. He feels like I am the better photographer so I am always on the other side. There is also that I invariably look terrible each time the camera comes out.

Thanks for this post. I know it will certainly change how I react next time we start snapping photos.

Panamamama said...

So true. My dad died when he was 32 and we didn't have many pics of him. Then as a kid I only have about 2 pics of my mom. I need to smile for the camera.

momstheword said...

Oh wow, your mom was young. You must miss her very much. My dad died two years ago and I still miss him!

I notice you homeschool. Me too!

I so relate to your post. Sometimes it feels like we moms are slowly erasing ourselves out of our children's memories by not being in pictures.

Ever since I got this blog (and on facebook) I find myself taking more pictures, which is a good thing. But I could definitely stand to fix myself up more, lol!

I am so glad you joined us today! Thanks for linking up and I hope you'll join us again next week.

Rieshy said...

I'm so sorry you lost your dad so young. That must have been hard. I hope you get to snap extra pictures of your mom now- as well as of yourself.

Susan said...

Right on with this one, Susan...when I tried to put together pics for a holiday card, I was so surprised at the lack of photos with me in them. Today I started practicing the one-arm may not be beautiful but at least there will be some record of my little person and me together at play, not only on "big" moments

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