Walking With Mom

January 22, 2010 by Rieshy
My mother and my 14 year old self were walking along, arms linked, when we got lost in Florence, Italy. We ended up on a back street populated only by 3 men lounging in a doorway.

I'll never forget how my petite mother straightened her back and silently communicated that I needed to walk confidently and carry myself with pride. Even with my limited Italian, I could tell the comments were too detailed, and of course the wolf whistles were self-explanatory.

At a particularly loud comment as we passed, my mother stopped suddenly, turned and somehow looked down her nose at men much taller than herself. She pointed at me, then wagged her finger at them as she said, "No, No, No."

The men were stunned into silence. When we reached the corner we heard an explosion of laughter and one of the men shouted to my mother, "You are a Good Mother!" As we turned the corner we could hear more whistling- but this time it was a sound of respect.

Walking with my Mom: sometimes hazardous, often funny, usually instructional.

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Anonymous said...

What a great story! And, what a great mom!

WOW - you went to Italy. I went to France once and just wasn't there long enough to soak it all in :-(

A HUGE THANK YOU for doing my meme!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rieshy said...

I hope you keep doing this meme- it's a fun idea.

A little time in France is still better than nothing:)

My family lived in Austria for a year.. From Austria Italy is just a weekend excursion.

I really think that Italy has a different sun shining down on it than the rest of the earth. Never seen such glorious colors.

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