More Southern Snow Days

January 31, 2010 by Rieshy
We've been "snowed in" southern-style all weekend. Southern-style simply means that we got 3 inches of snow with a layer of ice on top- literal icing.

My children have had a blast- except for this guy who, at 37 pounds, did not weigh enough to sink through the crust of ice. I'm re-naming him Legolas.

This next picture is purely to show off Legolas' hat. This is one of the first things I spun years ago on my Kromski spinning wheel. Ignore the fact that I knit it before I knew how to make stripes match-up in the round.

This was shot was right before he slipped, yet again for the last time. "Bad snow."

The snow and ice meant we didn't have to worry about our bikes being stolen, not that we ever do. Notice the man-in-black. He's tough.

This morning I asked 2 year old if he liked playing in the snow yesterday. He answered, "I fall down, and down, and down."

I think that's a, "No."

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Laurel said...

susan, it's so nice having 'coffee' with you this morning. I really love your writing - it's a glimpse right into your home and i know it's a place I'd like to be!

Thanks for sharing.


Rieshy said...

Thanks Laurel,

I'm glad to have coffee with you:)

It might amuse you, as a Canadian, to know that our 3 inches of snow meant we were "snowbound". Everything here shut down. I was able to post this morning because church services had to be cancelled.

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