Beeps, Chirps, and Chimes

February 3, 2010 by Rieshy

R2-D2 was just a precursor.

All my servants speak a foreign language comprised of beeps, chirps, and chimes. Luckily through some mysterious force I learned the language. For instance:
  1. My front loading washer chimes, which means, "I live to serve and to wash, see the cycle start."
  2. My coffee pot beeps. It means, "Come oh Queen of caffeine, and partake."
  3. One of my smoke detectors chirps at 2:00 a.m. Which translates, "gasp, I... have... dire... need... of... fresh.... batteries. But because of clever engineering it will take you 30 minutes to locate the chirp to the exact detector, ha ha."
  4. My computer chimes a, "Well hello, happy to see you, but I'll load extra slowly because I'm mad about how full the hard drive is."
  5. My dishwasher chirps, "Washing, AGAIN already."
  6. My husband's blue tooth headset suffers insomnia and anxiety. Its chirp at 2:00 a.m. means, "Ummm, guys, I'm here- it's dark- do you need me- for anything?"
  7. My stove beeps a manly message, "In case your sense of smell is broken the cookies are about to burn."
  8. Inexplicably our car, concerned that we don't understand the function of turning the key, says with its chime, "Hi, you just activated the vehicle."
  9. Our doorbell, though muffled by my husband, bravely chimes, "Neighbor kids want to know if your kids are allowed out yet?"
  10. Our alarm clock beeps a happy, "I know you are not planning on getting up but the 2 year old is so fun to play with, and he set me to go off at 4:00 a.m."
  11. My cell phone chime means, "The kids want to know if they can watch a movie?"
  12. The cordless phone-locater beeps the following, "We both know you left the handset on the dryer but we'll go through this charade of listening for location anyway."
  13. My son's cell phone chimes a lonely, "I've been left in his dirty jean's pocket on his bedroom floor again- so you won't be able to reach him until he gets home."
What do your servants tell you?

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I am Harriet said...

I've lived through your chirping pain...

Have a great Thursday!

Hootin Anni said...

This is just so unique....I loved it all!!! Great idea.

My 13 is listed below my Thursday Thunks...scroll down a bit on my blog entry. It's all about odd surnames and their origins today ---like Suess, etc. Here they are I'm going through the Mr. Linky right now, so if you've stopped by already and I didn't know.......thanks for the visit.

Maria M. said...

Your post made me smile all the way through. Thank you.

Joy@TPMG said...

That is such a great list!

Anonymous said...

My coffee pot beeps when it is ready AND when it is about to turn off. It sounds like a truck backing up. I am still not used to it and it has been 3 months!!

Rieshy said...

Girl Next Door,

That just means you need to drink more coffee.

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