Mister Man

February 1, 2010 by Rieshy

Mister Man, my littlest man, cranky with a cold.
Clingy, needy, tiring.

Mister Man, my littlest man, what do you do?

Mister man, my littlest man, cranky with your cold,
germy, drooling, snacking.

Mister man, my littlest man, how far can you lick?

Mister man, my littlest man, cranky with your cold,
finished, unobserved? Oh!

Hi, Momma.

Anybody want some left-over peanut butter?

This post is part of Steady Mom's 30 minute challenge; it clocks in at 30 minutes.
It's great when blogging about things helps you keep your sense of humor, check out Tuesdsay Unwrapped for other posts that share the art of breathing and enjoying.

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Betsy said...

He's so cute! I hope he feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh that was so cute! When mine are sick I let them have anything they want - they are so pathetic!

Simply Mel said...

Cute poem! Get well soon Mister Man!

Heidi of Operation Organization said...

Poor little fella, we've had a round of the yuckies going around in our house lately too!

Love the candid shots you caught! ;)

Kim & Dave said...

Very cute-but no thanks on the peanut butter!

Kelly Miller said...

Aw, what a sweetheart! I hope he feels better soon.

Jen said...

Love the poem! Hope your mister man is feeling better soon.

It Feels Like Chaos said...

I have a cranky, germy, drooling little man like that too! I love him more than the world, but there's no way I'd eat peanut butter from a jar he licked!

se7en said...

No thanks!!! That peanut butter is ALL yours!!! Very cute post!!! Have a good day...

Kat said...

I hope he soon feels better. I love the way they work so hard to do things solo. The way they don't know the word NO. The older they get the easier they tend to want to quit... but as toddlers... no doing!

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