Driving In The Rain

February 4, 2010 by Rieshy

I was driving today with my 8 year old and my 3 year old in my 12 passenger van. My van handles inclement weather as nimbly as any enormous metal shoebox with wheels can handle inclement weather. I was stuck behind an 18 wheeler and to the left of an SUV when I realized that an ambulance with flashing lights was right on my bumper.

The trucker didn't want to speed up and the SUV didn't immediately get out of the way. It was a scary time of trying to get into the right lane so the ambulance could pass. Finally I got over, but the trucker accidentally ended up changing lanes only to block the ambulance again. I ended up staring at the back window of the ambulance for several heart-beats too many before the ambulance was able to speed off.

It was rather harrowing interstate driving with the combo of non-compliant drivers and slick roads. I could dimly hear my 8 year old son explaining to the 3 year old what the flashing lights were for. My 3 year old responded cheerfully, "Oh, I've been in one of those."

Yes, yes he has. Twice. I was with him both times.

Suddenly, as I drove on a huge bubble of emotion overtook me. Tears started coursing of their own accord. The memory of being there, sitting in that ambulance looking out of the ambulance window was so real. The blessed realization that my son was saved and sitting happily on this side of the window hit me. Very intense, it was all too real to be real.

Thanksgiving to God for our outcome, but grief for the present occupant was all mixed up. The road cleared; my tears cleared so quickly the boys didn't notice, the rain even cleared. Time keeps moving.

Thanks to God time keeps moving. Time keeps moving but God is always present.

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Denise said...

Beautiful post.

Lezlae said...

When Peter Mack swam in his first swim meet after his hospitalization with his pericardial effusion I just stood there and cried. I still get eyes full of tears when I think about that moment.

Rieshy said...

Lezlae, I bet you do!

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