Equilibrium Part 2

February 27, 2010 by Rieshy

It's been a busy week. I've been concentrating on night-time retraining of my Littles to Stay In Their Beds. It's been a blast. No, really- I've loved it. Yeah, loved it- wish I could do this all the time.

It's as fun as potty training or cleaning up vomit. Well, maybe cleaning up vomit is more fun.

I have to admit though that the sleep I've lost doesn't even compare to the sleep I lost the first 10 months after our 3 yo was diagnosed with FODs. In that 10 months he had 7 hospitalizations, my 10 yo had an E.R. visit for stitches, and my 2 yo had tubes put in.

I recently ran across a photo my husband took of me in the middle of that time period. I look like I'm 105 years old. I'm way too vain to post it.

The great thing, or really depressing thing (depending on my mood) about this re-training process is that it has opened my eyes to some other misbehaviors that need to be addressed. My husband is my Prince O' Reality Checks. He correctly pointed out that the night-time problem is just a symptom of the Little's belief that everything I say is negotiable.

Which means that nighttime training has morphed into daytime training. I'm thankful that the Littles are 2 and 3 yo and not 13 yo. Re-training kids to obey (and mom to expect obedience) is much easier at this age.

On a less personally tiring note, I guest authored a post on The Adventures of a Somewhat Crispy Mama's blog. It's my first guest-post ever. I'd love for you to hop over and comment. The topic was birth options, The Final Installment, and I shared a bit about my experiences with everything from an emergency cesarean to home birth.

Don't worry- I'm also too vain for detailed birth photos.

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Melanie said...

Retraining mom is the biggest problem in this house! You're right, training at 2 & 3 is much easier than in those teen years, but it can be done. : ) (enjoyed your guest post!)

Rieshy said...


Thanks- about the guest post.

About retraining- I wish I could learn lessons and not forget. I've done this with almost all of my children.

Jen said...

Oh, boy so glad to know I am not the only one! I hate it when I suddenly realise that I am guilty of just the same problem I have yelled at a child about. So humbling! Mummy training seems to be a full time job. Good thing I have 4 children to teach me.

Best wishes
Jen in Oz

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