Be Afraid, Be Very Very Afraid

June 4, 2010 by Rieshy
 For this week's Feel Good Friday  I thought I would do a Fraidy-Cat Friday version.

Over the years we've found that every family member has at least one picture book that scared the snot out of them, to the general amusement of the rest of our heartless clan.

Quite often, the revulsion towards that one book lasts until adulthood.

How do I know the revulsion can last that long?  Because, The Eye Book, by Theo. LeSieg scared me to death.  Smiling boy and rabbit aside, innumerable are the childhood nightmares that centered around the eyes peeping out of the hole.  It still gives me the shudders to turn that page.

As I was taking this next picture, my 2 year old saw the cover of Llama Llama Red Pajama, by Anna Dewdney, and backed away.  Evidently his empathy skills are quite developed; the Llama's terror in this picture terrifies him.  He won't even look at the page.

We still have the book that scared my husband, Living Monsters, by Gamlin. It is full of photos of sharks, stingrays, and attacking crocodiles.  The Bald Uakari of South America is what scared my husband.  I have to admit the freaky factor is a bit startling.

What makes all these fears funny to remember is how little sense they make.  Which leads me to the family favorite.  My now 18 year old son had a morbid fear of yet another photo out of Living Monsters.

You might think that he would have just avoided this book- but no, he loved it... except for the ultra terrifying picture that would bring him to tears if we forgot to skip the page.

Prepare yourself for the horrors of.....


Yes, a puffer fish.  My son was absolutely petrified of it.

It's o.k., early evidence to the contrary, my 18 year old is not afraid of shadows, and though he has never wanted an aquarium he does has friends. The son terrified by the puffer fish is the same son who just finished making this short:

The Interview... from Luke Tipton on Vimeo.


Brittany said...

That is an interesting bit of information to know... hehe.

Rieshy said...


Use your powers for good... or at least make it really funny.

Anonymous said...

But, but, he is so cute!!!! The puffer fish. He looks like a cartoon character :-)

Happy FGF!!!!!

Unknown said...

oh my goodness, how funny! That bald monkey is petrifying, and the eye book? EW!
BUT...Puffer fish. That's blackmail material right there.
Your blog always cracks me up. You're a fountain of funny!

Fiorella said...

Hysterical! I personally think that Llama picture with the big eyes is a little scary, too. One of my daughters loved the movie Mary Poppins, but would always hide behind the couch at the part where the old guy gets the joke about the "wooden leg named Smith" and wheezes a laugh and floats into the air. Something about it terrified her, but she loved to be scared! Found you from "Feel Good Friday" and will be back to read more!

dollycas aka Lori said...

so funny, I think we have that llama book around here somewhere. Have A Great Friday!!


purplume said...

I'm too scared to comment after seeing all those pictures.
Ho ho.
Interesting. I wonder what it is about each thing that makes it so scary?
I'm still afraid of the tentacles in the first War of The Worlds movie. I am afraid of them coming out from under my bed.

Rieshy said...

Purplume, Tentacles shouldn't come out of anything, especially from under beds!

JoAnn, I missed my blackmailing leverage by publishing this. Drat.

I agree with you Girl, the puffer fish is just plain cute. said...

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Alexandra said...

You know what all my boys were afraid of??? The Giving TRee...just terrified of it!

How funny, huh?

Interesting post,thank you.

Alexandra said...

OK, watched your son's video and HOLY COW!

That was one of the neatest shorts I've seen. The slow footage, the angles, the musics...very promising!
And he's only 18???

Man, he's got a future ....

Thank you, and I'd be proud, too.

Christy of The Travel Bags said...

Richard Scarry. Never could get past the name.

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