Red Shoe Ramble

June 7, 2010 by Rieshy
A couple of months ago one of my sisters sent me some shoes.  How she can buy shoes as a gift- that fit and are comfortable- is beyond me.  I laughed with delight because when I opened the box one of the pairs was red.

Red, as in bright red.  As in totally frivolously red. And they were clogs, sort-of.  It took me back to middle school.  All the cool girls had a certain brand of clogs, colored to match different outfits.  Hard, heavy, uncomfortable, but undeniably cool.

My mother did not see the necessity in outfitting me in cool.  I wore brown leather shoes.

Actually, I couldn't argue.  I had tried on a friend's pair.  It wasn't worth it; wearing those clogs was an act of penance to the gods of popularity.

Instead, I went with the less expensive but still uber-cool Skyer turtleneck.  Choking in the Skyer daily was just enough penance to firmly establish me in the ranks of hangers-on to the girls with wooden clogs.  So many memories...

Who knew?

My 15 year old daughter went to a montessori school for pre-school through 1st grade.  She wore an adorable plaid uniform jumper, which of course she despised.  In order to make the jumper more palatable to my budding non-conformist, I bought her red mary janes.

No one else had red shoes.  It was not against the rules, it simply clashed with the uniforms; but my daughter was happy.

Years later I ran into a woman whom looked vaguely familiar.  She startled me by exclaiming, "You are the mother of, "The Girl Of The Red Shoes", then she looked appalled with herself.  She quickly introduced herself and then explained that her son had been deeply in love with my daughter- but never could remember my daughter's name so had simply referred to her as The Girl Of The Red Shoes.

Who knew?

My 2 year old knows the power of shoes.  He can fly in his Superman boots.

Best of all, he can now put his sandals on by himself.  Which he has been doing over and over all weekend. Watch him demonstrate. 

This makes his sandals way more powerful than any red shoes; it has transformed his sandals into Superman Incognito Shoes.

Who knew?


Fiorella said...

I am a practical shoe person who owns a pair of pale pink, pointy-toed, patent-leather 3" heels that make me feel more fashionista than the soccer Mm I really am. Occasionally someone will say to me, "what are you wearing to so-and-so's shower?" and I'll say, "my pink shoes, and whatever will go with them."

I love the Superman Incognito Shoes - isn't it wonderful watching your children learning independence?

Rieshy said...

Fiorella, May your pink shoes live long and the leather on the heels not peel.

Unknown said...

oh I love this so much. I don't know why exactly yet, because I'm not a shoe person, but I

Anonymous said...

Oh how I longed for clogs and my mom said no. So I used my birthday money. Wow were they uncomfortable!!!

Isn't it great when they can do their own shoes? Sarah is a shoe junkie and changes them often.... Because she can.

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