Breaking a Blogging Mama's Heart

June 20, 2010 by Rieshy

I just found out that my children drove through Uncertain Texas while vacationing with their grandparents.  The town is actually and officially named Uncertain.

They passed a church that had a sign with the church's name- Church of Uncertain. Church of Uncertain is nondenominational.  What else could it be?

But the kicker is that in a car holding 5 of my children, all of whom had cameras of one kind or another and all of whom have finely honed senses of irony, none of them took a photo of the sign!  

Seriously, not a single photo.  Not even a shot of a highway sign... and I thought they loved me.

How can I have failed so miserably?  After all that time I spent watching Monty Python with them and letting them read Douglas Adams-

Ungrateful offspring.


Gretchen Seefried said...

I am the mother of 5 who failed to ever show up for anything with a camera... yikes. Have just discovered that my phone actually takes pretty damn good photos, so I am for the first time recording stuff I like when I see it. I love your bio, and also try to breathe thru my nose! Visiting from the party...have a grand day!

Hen Jen said...

that would have broken my heart, too!

Unknown said...

Epic fail on their parts!!

Richele McFarlin said...

That is HYSTERICAL! I would be heartbroken also if my kids did not take a picture of that. I'm surprised they even named the church that. lol

Janice said...

I'm with you there too. But I'd have been surprised if one of mine hadn't taken a photo, they certainly would have dined out on the story for quite some time.

Lovely to hear that you have provided such an excellent cultural education for your kids, tee hee!

Anne said...

Could it be this one?

Had to google it! :) Great blog!

Rieshy said...

Anne that's it! I just wish I had my own photo.

Janice, we take our cultural curriculum quite seriously:)

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