Conceptual Cognates That Are False-Friends

July 27, 2010 by Rieshy

Or: Beliefs That Must Be Outgrown With Toddlerhood To Avoid Possible Ridicule And/Or Failure

  • If your eyes are covered no one can see you.
  • Everyone wants to see your new underwear.
  • Dr Seuss is a cat.
  • The computer printer makes drawing paper.
  • Dogs are boys, cats are girls.
  • The ATM gives out free money.
  • Making a face and snarling is cute and flirtatious.
  • Friends are made and people influenced by sweaty tic-tacs dispensed with dirty hands.


Fiorella said...

Ha ha, so true! Especially the computer paper and ATM! And I have girls, so I'd like to add a new one: when stressed, or bored, or happy - just do cartwheels!

Unknown said...

oh my gosh, this is too funny! How do you do it? Seriously, I must share this, on face book of course, because I am so mature.
This post is the funniest thing ever!!!

Melissa said...

Perfect! So funny. I am in the midst of this too.

Unknown said...

I have experienced every single one of these firsthand. Great job nailing the finer points of toddlerhood. I also always liked "If I put my hands over my ears I don't hear you and you'll go away".

Alexandra said...

OH!! THis is so clever, wish I would've thought of is so VERY TRUE!!!

ReneeK said...

Love it! I needed a good smile today. Had to share it with others from my blog! It will be linked back to you. You nailed it!

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