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July 19, 2010 by Rieshy

Again, again I had to explain while showing a photograph of my sisters and me that I am, in fact,  the youngest sister.

It's kind of like when someone asks how far along you are in your pregnancy and you have to explain that your baby is now 6 weeks old.

In other words, annoying.

It doesn't help that my oldest sister could probably kick me around a racquet ball court within seconds. She runs half-marathons for fun and is the kind of petite and dainty woman I always wanted to be.  She turns 50 this year.

My middle sister (also older) is the pilates queen.  Svelte, tall, graceful. "Older, thank you.  Yes really, she's older than me"- I had to argue this with my 11 year old who was most unflatteringly positive I was mistaken.

If my sisters would just stop coloring over their gray it would help.

So I've penciled in a mid-life crisis.  I'm just giving myself a few days to cope with the fact that I'm 43 and neither tall and graceful, nor petite and dainty.

I'm neither rich nor poor, brilliant nor stupid.

I think way too much but never deeply enough.

I have more than I deserve yet am arrogant enough to be petulant when I don't get even more.

Sometimes I'm angry with the universe for my life's mediocrity. The universe?  The Parable of the Talents most unfortunately prevents me from running too far with this idea.

At the end of the day, the Creator knit me together and Christ thought I was worth dying for.

Worth dying for.  That's big- it means I don't really technically have a mid-life.  This is just a prelude to eternity.

Bring on the gray.

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elizabeth said...

Love this post. I'm so thankful God loves us in our "ordinaryness"! :)

Stefanie said...

I think ordinary is very under-rated.
When the crisis comes I'd give anything for ordinary. Delighted that you're 43 (like me) and loving it too.

cinnibonbon said...

Hi there!!
Ummm I'm 43 too! Could I be facing a mid life too? Funny--well not funny--that you mentioned that about your older sisters. I get the "oh are you the older sister" comments too. NO, no I am not. See my sister NEVER lays out in the sun. I do. I'm wrinkled!! I love that you said you were arrogant enough!!! I don't know you--but I do know that Nothing is ordinary about you!!!

Anonymous said...

So well said!

Amy said...

This is so wonderful, "At the end of the day, the Creator knit me together and Christ thought I was worth dying for." You're right, that is big and it makes every gray hair worth it. :-)

Sharon W said...

I was reading this, relating, thinking how funny it was that this was exactly what we were talking about in VBS (how God made each of us unique) and then it hit me. Wait, I just had a birthday and turned 44. I'm not 43 any more. Suddenly I felt old. 44 seems so much older than 43.

imoomie said...

Yes, a prelude to eternity!

linda said...

Great post.

Felicity said...

I enjoyed reading this, as I do your whole blog. That's why I've passed on a blog award to you - it's posted on my blog.

Anonymous said...

LOVE your writing. Love it. Thank you for this!

Mrs. Sojourner said...

Beautiful post.

Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained by a righteous life. Prov. 16:31

Southern Gal said...

I used to be accused of being older than my MOM who is 16 years older than me! I will be 47 on Sunday. 47?!?! Thanks for the perspective. The prelude to eternity is much better than growing old.

Alita said...

Bring it on! :)

B. said...

Girl, I am 41 and shocked (shocked!) at the grey hair, wrinkles and general mid life looks.... But always good to hear that verse. Im actually studing it in a beth Moore study right now.

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