"Finally" For Feel Good Friday

July 30, 2010 by Rieshy
We've never hiked on the Natchez Trace.  I have to admit it was a childhood holdover from reading too many Louis L'Amour westerns.  The Trace, in L'Amour novels, was always fearfully mentioned as a place inhabited by murderous outlaws. 

Which of course it was during the L'Amour's novels, when the Natchez Trace was briefly terrorized by a family of psychopaths.

But I digress.  My Feel Good Friday memory is the fact that this morning my family plus my in-laws (otherwise known as grandparents extraordinaire) finally toured through part of the Trace.  Nothing like playing the tourist in your own neck-of-the-woods.

We threw rocks in streams, hiked, fell face-first in at least one patch of poison ivy (the 2 year old), ate snacks, enjoyed the scenery, and were home by lunch time. 

Nothing like getting to spend some low-key time with my kids, my husband and my parents-in-law.  A miniature vacation. 

My mother-in-law served an important service on the outing as an... anchor.

What's a family outing without a little adrenaline rush?

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Fiorella said...

Love it! You really are making the most of your summer!

Unknown said...

ACK! Poison ivy!
You lead an exciting life, don't you.

Amber at The Musings of ALMYBNENR said...

What a beautiful FGF! Except for the poison ivy part....I hope it isn't too bad!

Rieshy said...

Evidently the wet wipes and then a soapy shower as soon as we got home worked. No poison ivy rash:)

RN Mama said...

Oh, that sounds like an absolutely wonderful adventure!

Thanks for linking up to Feel Good Friday!

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