Hot Geeks Unite

July 28, 2010 by Rieshy

It was 90 degrees in the house last night at 2:00 A. M. when I got up to give my son his night feeding, thus completely explaining why I was lying on my bed in a half-awake discomfort when my alarm went off, instead of snoozing in my normal coma-mode.

My 11 year old, who was also too hot to sleep,woke up and watched a movie with me until 4:00 A.M.  It made sense at the time.

I'm pretty sure 90+ degrees inside, despite the air-conditioning running, is a bad thing.

I'm a geek, so when I called the heating and air company and couldn't explain anything about our unit beyond, "it's hot in my house," a line from an old Star Trek- Next Generation Episode kept going through my mind.

It's the episode where our jaunty Enterprise heros stumble across a derelict ship crewed by people who can only respond to questions about their mechanical difficulties with a phrase something like, "It won't go", or "Our ship is broke".

As a geek- since I can't remember the exact quote, I googled it.  Evidently,  I'm such a geek that no other geek out there has bothered to post such an insignificant quote.

My husband gets back from about 2 weeks of business travel later today.  He's a geek too.  He'll remember the quote.

And if the unit isn't fixed by the time my husband gets back, we'll be hot geeks together.

Buuut, calling all blog-reading geeks.  If you can remember the quote and the episode please leave me a comment. I'd enjoy greeting my husband with the correct line.

**** Update****

A friend's husband came through.  The line is from the episode Samaritan Snare.  Thanks Clay.

Even better, a repairman got out here (when he said he would be here) and fixed my air.  Wahoooo!!!  With my two youngest boy's metabolic condition a cool house isn't just a comfort issue, it's a health and safety issue.

Btw, when you are frizzy headed, drenched in sweat, and smell like comet and vinegar from scrubbing bathrooms, and are wearing a trashy tank top , do not- I repeat, do not open the door to the air conditioning repairman and exclaim excitedly, "I'm so glad to see you, I am soooo hot."

Because if you do, not that I did, the repairman will have to concentrate on blinking several times to keep from bursting out laughing.


Unknown said...

I was a Next Generation Geek. I sneaked a peek at "wrath of Kahn" when my parents were gone and it freaked me out. The bug in the ear! Nightmares for months. So me no likey the original star trek stuff. Besides, Picard is the best anyway.
I have a child we call Q. I'm a huge geek.

Unknown said...

I can't remember it. Sorry. I hope the world starts to turn for you again soon!

CristyLynn said...

I love Star Trek, too, but I don't remember the quote. You'll have to fill in the details. :)

I completely understand about your AC. I'm so glad that you got it fixed! We've been enduring some hot weather over here without AC, but my husband made us a "Redneck Air Conditioner" that I hope to post about when I can have the computer on for more than 10 minutes because it makes our room even hotter! Our little man doesn't sweat because of one of his medicines, so we had to do something! We've been hibernating in one room in our apartment with the lights off and as little electronic stuff going as possible. Here's to a good thunderstorm to cool things off!

And I wish I could have seen that repair man's face! :)

Trisha said...

Watching a movie with your son until 4:00 am...that is a great idea. :) Hope you can cool off soon.

Alexandra said...

ha! that is full geekdom. that's why I come here: you just let your geekflag fly!!

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