Andrew Peterson - Dancing In The Minefields (Official...

November 9, 2010 by Rieshy

I'd never heard of this band before- but I love the imagery of the lyrics.  My husband and I married young, in fact our 23 rd wedding anniversary is coming up.  

I plan on dancing with Greg for a good many more decades.  I'm just hoping for a few less medical minefields. 


Well rats, it looks like the link won't work directly- but you can click again and it will take you to the music video on U-Tube.




Lezlae said...

We also married young. DH has actually been told it would have been much better for his career if we had at least waited and had kids at a more "normal" age. I like the fact that we "grew up" together.

Rieshy said...

Leslae- that's unbelievable!

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