What Are The Chances?

November 17, 2010 by Rieshy

First off, a rant.  Why do manufacturers of children's underwear put the picture of the action hero on the back?  Do they not understand that the child wants to see the hero?  Do the manufacturers not care that little boys everywhere run around wearing their underwear backwards, insisting it is in fact on right?  Do they realize that backwards-little-boy-underwear cannot, in any way, be comfortable or hygenic?

The end.


Last week my 4 year old And my 2 year old had an ear infection in their right ears.  Both of them.

Last week my 4 year old And my 2 year old's right eardrum ruptured, within hours of each other, and within hours of seeing the doctor.  Both of them.

Last week my 4 year old was playing with my 2 year old, doing an illegal spinning move on our piano stool.  Both of them.

Scalp wounds bleed.  Profusely.

Last week, after a week of viral illness capped with ruptured eardrums and scalp wounds, my boys were able to recupperate at home.  No hospital, no D10, less drama.  Both of them.


Our Thanksgiving plans are complicated and not set yet.  However it appears it may include me having 3 full consecutive nights of sleep.  3 nights in a row.  3 nights without gettting up to give nighttime meds. or feedings.  I'm rolling the meaning of consecutive about in my brain with cautious delight.



Unknown said...

WOW- all that and you are still standing? I am impressed!

Amy said...

Whew! You've really been through it - all of you - haven't you? Glad everyone's currently OK. I certainly hope you do get your 3 consecutive nights of sleep - you deserve them and undoubtedly need them. :-) Happy Thanksgiving!

Carolyn said...

Wowsers! 2 eardrums at the sane time what are the odds??!! My my ;(
What a week, glad everyone is mending, that sleep sounds a little exciting
Happy Thanksgiving :)

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