Birthdays and Beyond

November 25, 2010 by Rieshy

I know that today I should have some sort of sentimental Thanksgiving post.  However I don't have a turkey in the oven for the first Thanksgiving in 23 years, so I'm not smelling the sentiment.

I am thankful though.  Thankful that my 18 yo son put the moral of the movie, "Beauty and The Beast" in a nutshell for me, "If your boyfriend is abusive and has anger management issues, don't worry, he'll magically get better." Maybe not a romantic nutshell, but a funny one.

5 of my kids are off visiting Grandma.  Yes, she is the best Grandmother in the world.  My two year old got to shoot a bee-bee gun today.  Does life get better than that?  Or actually, does life get better than having your two year old have the fun of shooting a gun without having to see it happen?  Starting to feel the Thanksgiving.

Oh, wait my two year old turned 3 today and my 8 year old turned 9 on Tuesday.  More Thanksgiving.

With my little ones away I set up my loom in the middle of the living room and warped it, all in one morning.  I got up and wove in the middle of the night for several hours and then slept in.  Can you hear the almost hysterical joyous giggle? Definite Thanksgiving, no turkey required.

My 16 yo bought me a huge Toblerone candy bar that we are all eating off of.  We had bacon, cream cheese and bagels for breakfast. The three of us left at home are practically rolling in fatty foods- all forbidden when the Littles, with their medical diet, are around.  Mmmmm, Toblerone.

I miss my younger kids though.

Speaking of my 2 birthday boys with their birthdays just two days apart.

Ben, just 6 at the time, spent some time pondering the eventuality of a shared birthday.  He came to me one morning to let me know that it would work fine to have the baby during his birthday party because,  
"Everyone can get here and then after we have the cake you can go in your bedroom and have the baby and then come out afterward with the baby for the opening of my birthday gifts."

Wasn't that sweet?  It actually sort of worked out that way.  Except there was no cake.

I think I'll go eat some more Toblerone.



Unknown said...

you are hilarious. One of my favorite posts recently was when you mused about beauty and the beast. This moral of your son's is AwesomE!
and, yes, two year olds with bb guns away from eyesight...sweet!

Jessie said...

I can finally say that I can relate to the sleeping in comment. LOL And I only have 1... :)

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