Answering The Hard Questions

November 18, 2010 by Rieshy

My 4 year old, "I know Woody is a guy with his hand in a puppet.  But what is Woody made of?"

Um.  Thank you, Toy Story 3

We are going to see a local high school's production of Beauty and the Beast tonight.  I borrowed a copy of the Disney movie so my 4 yo would know the story.  Yes, I realize that was lazy.  I should have read the boys a translation from the French or at least the Norse version I have on my den shelf.  Alas, I choose to cook supper while the movie ran. 

My 2 year old's main dialog about the Beast, "He's mean.  He's mean.  He's mean. Hey, He's Nice Now."  My 4 year old wanted to know why the Beast was suddenly nice.

"Belle is a volatile human element that disables the Beast’s de-humanistic regard."

Explain that quickly and coherently to a 4 year old.  Maybe he became nice simply because he suddenly looked like Fabio.  -It was an early 90's movie after all.

A truly difficult question is: what exactly about Disney version of Beauty and the Beast drives my husband and older boys so absolutely crazy? So crazy that we all have to endure lectures about weary archtypes and poor reasoning skills? 

Maybe it's just because the Beast turns into Fabio.



Melanie said...

Disney gives us all unrealistic visions of hair, life and especially Fabio! LOL!

Rieshy said...

But what I would give for Disney Hair.

The only thing that really makes me wince about the movie is the scene where gorgeous, healthy, loved, Bella is singing in a beautiful- flower bedecked picturesque valley (with no pressing responsibilities)while holding a book she's been reading about how she wants MORE. I'm sorry more?

I guess the "more" turned out to be the castle library and a yellow ball gown? Oh, and Fabio.

Taylor said...

Too funny about Toy Story 3! Nice to meet you!

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