Interpreting Motherhood

November 10, 2010 by Rieshy

A Handy Short List Of Catch-phrases, Interpreted:

  • "Here Momma."- means that something disgusting and/or sticky is about to be handed to you, disgusting side up.
  • "We didn't mean to but..."- means that while you were out, rambunctious roughhousing or fighting occurred, and something sentimentally important to you was broken.
  • "Don't worry Mom, I'm O.K." - means that the car is NOT.
  • "Everyone in the class had a really hard time with the test."- means that your particular child got a frighteningly and unacceptably low grade on said test.
  • In the middle of the night if you hear, "Mom, I feel weird."- means that you need to fetch a bucket, pronto.
  • "I finished cleaning my room."- means "I desperately hope Mom is willing to accept a very loose interpretation of the idea of "a clean room."
  • "Don't worry Mom, it's not that bad." when spoken by a teen clutching a body part- means a trip to the E.R.

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CristyLynn said...

Oh, man. I have missed reading your blog! So I"m thankful that Isaiah is sleeping in and Nadia went down for an early nap. I actually have about 20 minutes to just sit and read, but now I'm getting really hungry. :) Not that my hunger has anything to do with this post, though the one about the apples and milk and baking might have something to do with it.
Have a grand day!

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