November 8, 2010 by Rieshy

Since it is medically imperative that my 4 year old eat every two hours, he of course, has never been a huge fan of eating.  I've heard lots of excuses over the past few years for why he can't eat, some are strange, some are funny, all are aggravating.  Yesterday I heard a fairly original one.  He claimed he could not eat because, "My left eye hurts and it makes me not able to eat... unless I watch a movie first."

Parenting is all about a good poker face.

Speaking of my 4 year old, I had to laugh last night when I was tucking him into bed.  Hanging on the wall over his pillow is a colored in picture of William The Silent.  Last year it was crayon monsters adorning his wall.  This year it's 16th century Dutch leaders.  Next year??


I'm sitting in the catbird seat today.  All my sick kiddos seem to be on the mend, take that, oh you dratted virus!  But even better, two dear friends have asked if I will "train" them to be able to take care of my chronically ill children in case my husband is out of town while I have to be in the hospital with one child.

Why Yes!  I will.

I'm feeling loved.  It's better than coffee.


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