For The Record

November 14, 2010 by Rieshy

I bought a bushel of apples last Sunday and 8 gallons of milk.

My 11 yo decided to learn to bake pies.
She baked every other day.  We are enthusiastic about her new specialty.

The kids munched apples every few hours.

Over the course of the week I baked 5 loaves of bread and 60 rolls, cooked stews and soups. My 14 yo roasted chicken and veggies.  My 11 yo baked cinnamon rolls.  Then there were the pinto beans with Spanish rice. The sausage. The home made calzones. The pb&j sandwiches, the banana smoothies, veggies, a friend bearing pizzas, a youth group cook-out, cereal, yogurt...

It's Saturday night and the bushel basket is empty; my 8 yo just informed me that he is, "Starving."

I vacillated between responding with an incredulous guffaw or responding with thankful awe for our abundant larder..

For the record: I decided on guffaw and awe.


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