April 27 Daybook

April 27, 2010 by Rieshy

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Alexandra said...

I love this. It's so creative.

You are a wonderful wife. Your husband is very blessed.

Anonymous said...

Last year my 1st rose had a rabbit attached to it. Good-bye rose bushes.

Potty Training story: Yesterday I swore Sarah was ready to go for it again. She has been telling me she has to go in her pull-ups so she goes on the potty 2x and then wants to put on underwear. I was so happy. I was walking around here all day thinking "Yeah, I am so glad I waited. She knows what to do. This is great"

THen I came into the living room and she peed on the sofa.

Pampers is on sale this week. yay!

Katie's Dailies said...

I love reading your Daybook posts. They always leave me feeling so peaceful. And what a gorgeous rose! Mine are covered, but they're holding out a little longer. I'm eager to see whose bush will blossom first (we each have one in our family).

Rieshy said...

The Girl,

I say- Rabbit Stew!!!

Nooo, I keep imagining your daughter perfectly potty trained already and I live vicariously through that image. While I was at the hospital with the 4 yo my husband started putting my 2 yo on the potty.

He was so proud- I have to admit terrible mom that I am, I was not excited. I was going to postpone things like... pee on the sofa, for a while:)

Rieshy said...

Katie, I love the idea of a rose bush for each family member. I can see the competing rose bush games, a literal Rose Bowl!

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