April 15, 2010 by Rieshy
I was working on deciphering a knitting pattern from the comfort of a lawn chair while my two little ones played. To tell the truth I wasn't paying much attention to them until one of the little voices was suddenly very high.

As in altitude.  8 feet of altitude.

My 4 yo yelled up to his little brother, "Show me how, show me how!"So my 2 and 1/2 yo climbed down and gave a lesson.

"Do this."

The mount is the hardest part.  My 4 yo isn't very strong, but he watched his little brother's technique intently.

"Oooops, this is the Wrong way."

"I do this."


My 4 yo was next.  It was really, really hard for him; I'm sure the cowboy boots didn't help.  He fell a few times.  Each time he fell his little brother would ask him, "Are you all right?"  It was so sweet it made my heart ache. 

Eventually my 4 yo figured out how to utilize his long legs instead of trying to depend on upper body strength.  

Trees in Springtime, cooperating brothers, backyard knitting, healthy and climbing 2 yo- blessings all, even though one of those things is rather terrifying.

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Busymomsteph said...

I love this. Great pics too. We have a huge old oak tree in the back yard and the Fab5 love to hang out in it. They all pick a branch and lay on it and laugh and talk. Its one of the few times they don't bicker and fight. I love that old tree = peaceful.

Hen Jen said...

that is very sweet, and wow, you have a very active 2 year old! love the pics.

Denise said...

So precious.

Susan Tipton said...

An old oak tree would be wonderful!

Thanks for the compliments on the photos- most of them were taken by my 10yo dd.

Between You and Me said...

love the photos and the story...boys are so brave, aren't they?

CristyLynn said...

Terrifying, and yet you still let them do it--grand! And the pictures are really fun!

Susan Tipton said...

Cristy, I think of it as peer directed (and free) physical therapy.

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

Can I just say that I just knew you would have a white picket fence!! I love your life :-)

Susan Tipton said...

The Girl, I wish I could claim the picket fence- it's actually our neighbors. I've always loved the picket fence/cottage garden look.

Amanda said...

Aww how sweet!

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