Chaos Doesn't Wear Matching Outfits

April 4, 2010 by Rieshy

I was never good at having family portraits made.  Even with just my first child, getting cute (non-stained) clothing together, portrait money,  a facial scrape-free window of time, and an appointment with a photographer was about 3 too many things to happen simultaneously.  

After my 4th child I gave up all hope.  

At this point in time a family portrait with 9 people?  All looking presentably dressed and at the camera?  I can't even get my 3 oldest family members to cooperate.

All I wanted was to commemorate a peaceful, happy, and beautiful day after church services. -without the blue candy on your teeth son.  

I guess I can go with commemorating just plain silly.  It's a happy sort of thing too.

Ordered Chaos.  It's my life, and I love it.


My family has been given the opportunity to participate in a community garden.  I'll be posting updates on our grand veggie-experiment.  Join me at The Flexible Homeschooler with a link to your garden project and we'll have a virtual community garden to enjoy.  

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Between You and Me said...

so true. I'm learning to appreciate the facials that I get during picture time...

Anonymous said...

I think the candids are better they show more love and happiness!

My dad painted a family portrait of all of us. It is hilarious and he did it on a lark. We are all in old farm clothes and gave Tyler a pitchfork. I am sneering and he truned Emily into a baby with a 10 year old head.

I love it so much, but he did it on the back of an old kitchen table. Do you know how hard that is to hang! He wanted to throw it away, but I laugh every time I see it!

Rieshy said...

Girl, your dad is a hoot. I'd love to see a photo of the painting!

Theta Mom said...

Love that last photo! And if I have not officially welcomed you yet, so glad you are a part of TMC!

CristyLynn said...

This is great! Y'all must have so much fun!

Madysen Luzzo said...

hehehehehehehehe....hahahahahahahahaaaaa!! I love the pictures!! just like what Grace and Luke would do!! hahaha!!

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