Kite Day

April 8, 2010 by Rieshy

Yesterday, the wind called
in its voiceless voice.

We packed,
with our noisy noise, and were on our way.

The wind gusted and puffed and stole a hat. 

A borrowed hat, a sorrowed hat,
That Daddy reclaimed.

Yesterday,we played-
but remembered in time,

to start winding down, wending home,
with our hats and our shoes;

while noisy noises were still smiling.

This Kite Day was part of Thankful Thursday, because kite days and outings without tears can be few and far between.


Trisha said...

What fun! We have such strong winds where we live that I'm afraid the children would get carried away with the kites....
Still, any recommendations when looking for a good kite? Is cheaper just as good as more expensive?
Great pictures!

My Mercurial Nature said...

Those are great pictures! We haven't gone out to fly kites in a long's a great idea!

Anonymous said...

We have yet in 10 years to have a successful kite outing :-)

I am so happy you had such a happy day!

Rieshy said...

Trisha, I wouldn't recommend fancy shapes. The airplane kite didn't fly nearly as well. I don't know much about buying kites- these were grandparent gifts from 5 years ago. Though, I would hazard a guess that in high wind you'll want pretty sturdy kites.

Katie's Dailies said...

What beautiful happy pictures! We've had unbelievable winds here as well---about ready for them to blow away themselves!

bp said...

What a fun day! Thanks for sharing your fun spring kite day.

Denise said...

Such fun, I love to fly kites.

Dawn said...

Your pictures and prose are wonderful! We love kite days too, but haven't had one since last year. Might be time to pull the kites out again... Thanks for the reminder! Oh, and for the UBP visit and comment! Nice to meet you too!

Unknown said...

Absolutely delightful. Priceless memories.

I’m finally getting around to read your praises. Thank you for joining our TT and honoring our Lord. See you again this Thursday. Hugs, Lynn

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Yes, these times are really reason to be thankful, :)

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