A Feel Good Friday In Which Publix Figures Prominently

May 7, 2010 by Rieshy
For The Girl Next Door's Feel Good Friday I'm listing 5 thing that made me feel good this week.

1. So what, you may ask, is feel-good about Publix or grocery shopping?  I'll tell you:  I'm sick.  I've been sick all week.  A horrible, socially unacceptable cough is the most enjoyable aspect of the crud I have.  Had to run to the grocery store yesterday anyway because, well, because that's what moms do.

I took 6 of my children with me to Publix.  Why they wanted to go I have no idea.  Too hot outside to play I guess.  I was like a kite in the grocery store; the little ones and the cart and I comprised the kite body,  the rest of the children fanning out behind me were the kite ribbons, fluttering along in my wake.

With a fuzzy brain I filled the cart and went through the checkout.  Got to the end, you know, the part when they generally want payment in exchange for their merchandise.  Except I couldn't find my wallet.

I searched my diaper bag a dozen times as the line behind grew longer and longer.  I was asking (begging) the cashier to put my cart to the side so I could run home for my wallet when the Publix manager and several employees approached me.

Uh, oh. I thought.

"Ma-am,  no we won't put your cart aside.  Just go on home with the groceries.  You can pay at the customer service window next time you come, we'll have the receipt waiting."  I must have looked dumbfounded, because she went on to explain, "After all, you are here so often that you ought to have your own time-card."

My own time-card?  Now that's funny.

So Publix: I love you and I promise to not cheat on you.... unless Kroger has a really, really, good sale.

2.  By the time I got home from Publix my 18  yo son was home.  I flopped onto the sofa asked him to take my card, drive to Publix, and pay for the groceries.  He did, with a minimum of questions.

As my son walked back in the house the Publix Manager called to say that they had found my I.D.,  which had dropped out of my diaper bag during my earlier frantic search.  I hung up and asked my son to drive back to Publix for a second time.

The feel-good part is that he did, and he did so cheerfully.  I love my son!

3. Speaking of my 18 yo son, he graduates from high school on Saturday.  It's a mind boggling happy/sad/astounded feeling. Beware- soppy pictures of him to be posted sometime soon.

4. My 3 teens do the dinner dishes each night.  Over time they have developed a system of dividing the work into three jobs.  The evening's job goes to the person who calls it first as soon as dinner is over.  One of the job titles is "counters", one is "loading", and the last job title is, "awkwardly standing by the dishwasher while I watch everyone do the real work".

Guess which job title gets shouted first every evening?

5. Even though I have been a complete cranky, horribly witchy, coughing, nose-blowing and wretched/retching woman this week.  My husband is sweet to me.


Ms. G said...

I've heard similar stories about Publix, their customer service really is outstanding.
#4 must explain why my 2 teens argue through dishes every night. The "awkwardly standing" position is missing:)

Anonymous said...

First, I am so sorry you are sick :-( Feel Better SOON!!! Especially to be able to fully appreciate graduation.

I can't wait for those posts!!

WOW to Publix. That is just amazing above and beyond customer service.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! SO SICK! EWEY! I'm sorry.

I just hope you feel better soon.

A plus to your sickness (number 4?): your posts have been hilarious the last two days.
I mean you're hilarious usually, but these last two had a bit of crazy in them
It's a compliment.

Joy said...

Wow. Kudos to Publix!

Sorry that it's been such a rough week at your house!

Joy@TPMG said...

I hope you feel better soon. How exciting that your son is graduating! It sounds like Publix has amazing customer service. Happy Mother's Day!

RN Mama said...

Hi, I came over from Feel Good Friday:)

My jaw actually dropped when you said Publix let you take your groceries home with you, that is amazing!! And, you said you took 6 of your children with you? How many do you have?

Cheeseboy said...

Congratulations to your son! So cool.

They should make diaper bag fanny packs so that they are never misplaced. Maybe stylish ones so that men can wear them too?

Rieshy said...


Are you old enough to remember the Mrs Wiggans character Carol Burnette used to play? If I had a fanny pack big enough I would have to walk like her.

I bet your wife would love for you to start wearing a stylish fannypack:)

Rieshy said...

RN mamma, I only have 7. However the 7 children are why I'm constantly at Publix.

Alissa said...

Aww sounds like you have a lovely (and busy) household.

Mimi N said...

I've never been to a Publix and don't think we even have them in MN. That was such a blessing! Congrats on your sons graduation. My oldest graduated last year and it wasn't easy. She was my first baby!

~Mimi @ Woven by Words from FGF

Anonymous said...

Yes, kudos to Publix.
Get well soon.
Kudos to your 18 year old.
When I was young my brothers and I divided the dishes into washing, drying and putting aw. The putting away person had to clean the counters. We fought our way through many evenings. We rotated jobs weekly. XD

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Awww...what a sweet story and what a sweet 18 year old! Mine is graduating too.

Publix has long been my friend. And sweet hubbies are the best.

Your post reminds me of the Friday's Fave Five I participate in! Happy weekend.

CristyLynn said...

Hope you are feeling better for today's big event!

RivkA with a capital A said...

Wow, your son went twice, with a smile?!?!

What's your secret?

Is there hope for me (and my son)?

Or was your son always so helpful and cheery?

ps. I love Publix!

pps. This kind of thing happens all the time in Israel. In small grocery/corner stores, they will trust you to come back and pay, even if they don't know you! In the large supermarkets, they might hold onto an ID until you return....

Rieshy said...

RivkA, I would love to say that my son is cheerful because of my amazingly excellent mothering skills. But....I try not to lie... too often:) He's always been laid back and easy going.

alexis nicole said...

I hope that you are feeling better! It is not fun grocery shopping when your sick. I have never had to do that with 6 kids(you are a SUPER MOM!)but I have left my wallet in the car before. How nice, that they let you come back to pay.
Funny Post!

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