May 4th Daybook

May 4, 2010 by Rieshy

FOR TODAY as part of The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... The weekend storms beat the blooms off my virbirnum and irretrievably bruised and muddied the yearly iris display.  However my white azalea bloomed late this year.  It looks gorgeous and fresh.

I am thinking... how funny my 2 yo is.  He didn't even have his eyes fully open this morning when he asked to be read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  That book is definitely his anthem.

I am thankful for... A dry house,  non-flooded cars and non-flooded children.

From the learning rooms... Comes end of year noises.  Whimpers really, many of them mine.

From the kitchen... Comes the sound of reheating pizza for breakfast.  I'm sick.  I wish we could just take a vacation from the need for nourishment.  Surely a week off  for everyone wouldn't be amiss?

I am creating... I am plying the shetland/angora blend I just finished spinning.  It will be a two ply, sport weight yarn.  It's so soft I just want to hang the finished skeins around my neck and wear them like some sort of bizarre woolly necklace.

I am going... To the grocery, we are out of tissues.

I am reading... Home school catalogs.

I am hoping... That my husband doesn't have too much difficulty driving around flood damage and closed streets to get to his shoot today.

I am hearing... Coughing.  The two year old shared whatever virus caused his croup with the rest of the family.

Around the house... Bionicle pieces.

One of my favorite things... My parents-in-law.  I have the best in-laws known to man.  They are taking the older children on a two week tour and camping trip around Texas later this month.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I must go out and access the flood damage to my veggie garden.  Once I stop coughing I'm going to finish my house painting project and potty train my youngest.  The painting will be easy.

Here my "picture for thought" ...

The wind ruffling my daughter's hair was the front edge of the storm system that flooded our area over the weekend.  At the time I took the photo we were enjoying a rare and windy, just--the-two-of-us morning, running errands and taking pictures. 

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Melissa said...

I heard about the flooding! I am so glad to hear you have a dry home and car :-) Great Daybook post!

Felicity said...

Good luck with the potty training!

Alexandra said...


I am going to check out this Woman's Daybook.

I need to take stock, like this.

Thank you.

CDJ said...

What a great post! Your writing is beautiful:)

dtbrents said...

Your daughter is beautiful. The rain and wind ruined Mama's white azaleas.I'm not sure if they will look better in a few days or not. I'm glad yours are good. Two year olds are so great. I enjoy children of all ages but twos are really great. I hope you have a great week. Doylene

Anne said...

Hi Susan, glad to hear you didn't get flooded in your home. God is good. Your DD is very beautiful. Plus, wind and hair on a pretty girl do mix really well for a great pic. :)

I have a little something for you in my site; hope you'll like it --

{{{Hugs}}} and God bless!

Patricia said...

Your yarn sounds lovely. I used to knit, but I have weak wrists so have to limit it to an occasional past time now.


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