Tactile Bliss

May 5, 2010 by Rieshy

Full body bliss, tactile experience,

I only intervened to convince, 
to shout,

"You must not lick the down-spout!"

My first foray into Wordless Wednesday, a few words tagged along anyway.
Also, an old favorite- the 30 Minute Challenge at Steadymom.


"Now", is so easy for toddlers and so hard for adults.  The pictures above are of full-fledged nowness.

It's very disorienting to think about that while my 2 yo son played in the downspout people to the north of us were losing all their possessions and even their lives in the same storm system.

Our little town suffered damage but nothing compared to Franklin, Bellevue, and Nashville.  Of course comparing loss is relatively pointless unless you are FEMA.  My husband said yesterday, "Disasters are not a competitive event."

Several times our neighborhood was blocked off by road closings.  A week before the storm my 4 yo had to be rushed to the hospital for a 3 day stay.  If he had become sick the weekend of the storm, we might not have been able to get to the hospital because of the many interstate and street closures.  He could have easily been one of the storm's victims.

All this to say, kiss your family.  Enjoy them now, while you have them.  


ali @ an ordinary mom said...

Adorable! My children love to play in the rain, well, in any water they find! But licking? Yeah, that's discouraged here as well!!

Praying for everyone affected by the flooding-

brandi said...

~the mind of a child...nothing quite like it!! no reservations to the what ifs...just enjoying the moment...precious moments you captured...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

Rob Monroe said...

"Don't Lick" is a phrase for selective listening with children, or so I believe.

Fun shots!

Rieshy said...


So correct, I think "don't lick" actually means "just lick a little over to the left".

Rieshy said...

Thanks Ali, So many people lost so much in the flooding!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness!
This makes me happy.

Cheeseboy said...

Those pictures are so funny and well shot. Sorry to hear about the neighbors though.

CristyLynn said...

We've been praying for the people in TN effected by the flooding. We have some friends in the effected areas.
Thank you for the reminder to enjoy the now--it's something I"m working on with my LIttle Man. I'm too grown up sometimes!

Patricia said...

Sweet pictures. Priceless moments.

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