Felled Trees

May 27, 2010 by Rieshy

When our neighbor's tree fell, luckily (according to my boys) some fell onto our property.

Who needs playground equipment?

Who needs a balance beam?

Who is so cute I want to eat him all up?

If you wonder if I'm the kind of mom who lets her children play outside in jammies, flip flops, cowboy boots, and winter hats....  No, never.  
I rented these children.


Unknown said...

You are always welcome to rent mine! I charge in ice cream.

We are in the process of growing Q's hair out, to look more surfer-ish, because we are cool like that. My mother is having a heart attack because it's starting to grow over his ears. How long does it take to get that long? It's just looking like I don't groom him at this point (Okay, I don't...but he's a BOY!)

Rieshy said...

Jo Ann,

We are so not cool, except by accident.

We are growing Samuel's hair out because evidently he has nerve endings in the tips of his hair. And he is as strong as three grown men. And when I try to cut his hair the neighbors call 911 assuming that a mass murder is occurring.

His last hair cut/Armageddon was about 3 months ago.

Grooming and Boys? Definitely an oxymoron.

Cheeseboy said...

Yep, sounds pretty much like my four year old's daily outfit. Great photos.

CristyLynn said...

Ok, so I would have been really happy to read this post and the comments underneath, except for the fact that I'm recovering from a c-section, and laughter isn't necessarily the best medicine! So if I wasn't trying to laugh hysterically while simultaneously holding my abdomen in agony (ok, maybe I slightly exaggerated), I would be thanking you for the hilarious description of your son's haircuts.

Rieshy said...

I'm glad/sad that Samuel's exploits made you laugh.

Ughh, I remember recovering from my only c-section. Don't worry though- laughing won't hurt for long!

Sit-ups. We'll let's just say you have a great excuse not to do any for awhile:)

CristyLynn said...

:) Laughter is getting easier. I braved reading your Feel Good Friday post, and I felt pretty good as I chuckled and smiled.

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